Marcela A. Arrieta 
Pranic Healer, Teacher, Radio & TV Personality

Sharing my personal healing journey has been an amazing and gratifying experience. It is my hope that you find healing through my quest with Pranic Healing®.


The year was 2011 and by this point my body was experiencing inexplicable pain and discomfort that ultimately led to severe depression and anxiety. I was operating through life like a walking zombie – disconnected from life and disconnected from the divine. 

Then one day Pranic Healing® came into my life. I learned that at the root of all my ailments was this thing called “toxic/dirty energy” that was blocking the flow of Prana – life-sustaining vital energy that we all need – because we’re all made up of it! This immediately caught my attention!

Soon after, under the guidance of Master Stephen Co I began to learn how our energy bodies work, what chakras were and most importantly how to manipulate and project Prana with the purpose of healing one-self and others. The crowning point - I was equipped with priceless teachings and in this realization I made it a personal mission to share them with anyone willing to hear and learn.

This specially rang true in the Spanish speaking community, where ancient and ancestral knowledge of holistic ways to heal, improve ones life, help others and reconnect to our divine nature were shrouded in mystery and missunderstanding. My goal is to promote the Pranic Healing® System primarily in Spanish as a way to empower people.

Through workshops, online lectures, classes, and meditation communities my goal is to help you thrive! Will you join me?

The meteoric success experineced has not gone unrecognized and am frequently sought for interviews on television, radio & speaking engagements. 


Currently as a contributor for Univision in Los Angles & The Bay Area, on a national level with Telemundo and Estrella TV.


Listen to me on DASH Radio, every Thursday from 3pm to 4pm pst. At DASH LATIN X station.

Santa Fe Springs, Ca. 90670

Tel: 424.218.6039, MarcelaArrietaAle@gmail.com

©2020 by Marcela A. Arrieta


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