Healing Tuesday

Join us every Tuesday for the free Bellflower Pranic Healing virtual clinic. Our service and commitment to the community are to provide complimentarily twenty-minute* Pranic Healing sessions to help reduce stress, anxiety, and minor pains or discomfort. 

Our talented group of volunteer-based Pranic Healers are eager to be of service to you! Schedule your complimentary session and receive a call, text, or email from your assigned Pranic Healer with further instructions.

*For our team of Pranic healers to serve more of the community, kindly be aware that healing Tuesday's are for mild cases that are treatable within twenty minutes. We still encourage you to reserve your session regardless of what may be troubling you; we all need stress relief regardless!


If you prefer a more detailed Pranic Healing session, you can reserve a private with one of the healers for a fee set by the Pranic Healer.