Pranic Healing Q&A

Can Negative Emotions lead to Physical Ailments?
Can we heal emotions? 


Certain negative emotions over a long period of time causes some serious physical ailments, so that is why when sometimes the ailment after medical treatment is healed but it reoccurs after a few months or a years, this is because the root cause (negative emotion) that caused the ailment wasn't dealt with. For example, It is observed that prolonged anger and hatred over a few years may cause cancer, Arthritis, liver scoliosis, etc. Anxiety, Stress can cause conditions like Asthma, Irritable bowel syndrome etc.


In case of cancer the patient may undergo extensive medical treatment and the cancer is removed or treated, but if the anger and hatred isn't dealt with the cancer may reoccur. It’s the same with other conditions as well. P.s anger and hatred do not always cause cancer, please do not be frightened but nevertheless it is not healthy to harbor anger or hate.

With a Background in Pranic Healing, we can relate to this Anger as Anger Energy, to Anxiety or Stress as Anxiety energy and Stress energy. Using Special Pranic Healing Techniques we can remove this Negative Emotional Energy and replace them with wholesome energy there by lessening the impact of these negative emotions. Thus, Pranic Healing not only deals with the Physical Symptoms of the subject but also the root cause.


Can Pranic Healing be used to treat Psychological Ailments? Such as Addictions, Fears and Phobias, Depressions,Violent Behavior, Irritability Etc.?

Yes, With Pranic Healing even Psychological Ailments can be handles, for which we have Pranic Psychotherapy. As stated earlier, the Energy Centers, or Chakras have physical functions, psychological functions and also spiritual functions. So with Pranic Healing it is possible to Tackle almost any form of ailments, be it physical or psychological or spiritual.

In severe cases of addictions, fears and phobias etc, some of the Energy Centers have lodged within them negative taught forms and patters/programs that cause the erratic behavior. When these negative taught forms and patterns/programs are removed the erratic behavior also subsides thus allowing the subject to make and take decisions uninfluenced by these negative patterns and programs.

It is also said that like attracts like, which we can relate to this case, the quality of taught and emotions within us is exactly what we attract in our lives, that is why some people have many lucky and fortunate days and some people are always in the dumps. Your “luck” is also determined by the way you think and the way you feel.

How long does it take to be healed?
How many sessions would complete relief of an ailment require? How frequently would the sessions be required?

The frequency of the Healing sessions and duration of the healings vary from case to case. Depending on the age, emotional state, and etc of the patient and the severity of the ailment. Usually for simple or minor ailments the healing may be instantaneous within a session or two, where as for chronic ailments the healing may take up to a few weeks or a few months.

For very chronic ailments the healing may take from Six months to a Year.


  • Fever and cold/coughs, mild infections require 2 or more sessions a day for two to three days.

  • Fractures and torn ligaments require about 3 sessions per week for two three weeks.

  • Diabetes (type 2), blood pressure, near/far sightedness require 3 sessions a week for 6 months to a Year.

  • Ailments like pneumonia and Severe Infections may require healings as frequently as every 2-4 hours for the first few days and then gradually reducing the frequency until the patient is healed.


The receptivity or the patient also greatly determines the impact of the healing. Higher the receptivity of the subject, faster the healing.