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Fill your home with energy and learn how to create positive spaces with Palo Santo, Salvia, and Copa

With the stress and anxiety created by the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected millions of homes around the world, it’s important we keep ourselves optimistic and learn how to fill our homes with positive energies. Here we are going to teach you how to use Palo Santo, Salvia, and Copal to keep your home clean and harmonious.

All the anguish we are currently experiencing with the COVID-19 crisis, plus all the daily responsibilities we have to deal with, are filling our homes with negative energy, This is why it is important to keep our house as clean as possible and free from toxic energies that could affect our emotions and our health. We can easily clean our home by taking advantage of all the virtues of the Palo Santo, the Salvia Blanca, and the Copal, which are plants known for their energetic characteristics than can help to fill the atmosphere with a sense of balance and positivity.

Palo Santo properties to clean our home

The effectiveness of Palo Santo therapeutical properties are proven to not only cure our body but also our soul. In the past, this tree was used by ancient and wise tribes like the Aymara, the Quechua, and the Jíbaros; due to all of its medicinal benefits. Nowadays, the Palo Santo is used to achieve personal goals and keep our house full of positive energy, open our minds, and widen our horizons.

How can we use Palo Santo?

If we want to clean our home, Palo Santo is one of the best options. Its wood is used as an incense because the smoke it emits helps cleaning the negative vibrations. You just need to light the wood with a match or a lighter and leave it burning for 30 seconds and then blow it so the smoke comes out.

Salvia Blanca to purifying the atmosphere

Another plant with vast healing properties is Salvia Blanca, which is used to cure skin problems, sore throat, and other diseases. It’s also effective to purify your home and to eliminate the negative energies.

How can we use Salvia Blanca in our home?

We have to use a big quantity of Salvia Blanca and put it in a bowl. Then, we are going to burn the plant inside the bowl so the smoke can clean the atmosphere of the house. Also, this can help to improve your mood and make your home warm and comforting.

Copal for a deep cleaning.

The Copal is a resin with great medicinal properties which was widely used by aboriginal tribes for both therapeutical and healing rituals. Now, It’s an effective tool to achieve emotional stability and fill the house with positive vibes.

How can we use copal?

The most common way to use the Copal tree to clean our house is with incense. You only need to burn the resin in a bowl and then walk all over your home with it, so the smoke cleans and removes all the bad energies, and brings harmony to your house.

Purifying your home with Marcela Arrieta´s Divine Purpose Ritual

Marcela Arrieta is an expert on Pranic healing and knowledgeable on the energetic properties of plants as Copal, Palo Santo and Salvia; that's why she created a series of rituals that include all of these plants and essences that can help you to purify your home and wherever you go.

All of Marcela's rituals are highly recommended, but if you are looking to use Palo Santo and Copal the best ritual for you is the Divine Purpose Ritual which also has a purifying spray with essences that increase the qualities of the ritual, help to strengthen your energies and clean the path so prosperity can get into your house. You can learn more about this ritual at Divine Purpose Ritual

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