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Harmony and beauty: discover how to stay calm and take care of your health in times of pandemic

The crisis caused by the Coronavirus is keeping the world population under great uncertainty, which is causing us, on more than one occasion, to lose our minds and lose our center, bringing problems for our internal balance, our health, and why not, our beauty.

In these times, it can seem difficult to be relaxed and take care of our health; But, even if we don't believe it, there are things we can do to achieve it and get out of this situation in one piece. Here we tell you how.

Daily routine

We must keep a routine on a daily basis that we can achieve over time. We must try to have a different routine during the week and the weekend; as well as, include those who live with us in them.

Exposure to information

Let’s try not to inform ourselves too much about what is happening. We should limit ourselves only to what is strictly necessary, without suffering from anxiety.

Let's recognize our stress

We must accept the fact that not every day we will feel good, at times we may feel stressed and anxious; When this happens to us, let us recognize it and ask for help if we need it. Likewise, let's share our feelings and emotions with our loved ones.

Let's take care of our body

Something of great relevance in these times of pandemic is that we should take care of our body and health by following a healthy diet, maintaining our beauty routines, exercising, and keeping a positive attitude.

Pranic healing, our salvation

As we know, negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, and depression are becoming more frequent due to the confinement and insecurity that we are experiencing due to the pandemic. It is demonstrated that this type of emotions can cause serious illnesses; Fortunately, pranic healing can be a powerful tool to heal us internally and balance our energy.

Pranic healing is a therapy in which we heal ourselves through energy and without physical contact. Your aura is healed and cleansed, allowing the vital force, or prana, to flow through our mind and body, freeing us of all these negative feelings.

Pranic healing therapies are proven to be highly effective in curing certain ailments when combined with traditional medical treatments. If you want to know more about this therapy, visit

Rituals for your internal and external healing

There is nothing better to complement a pranic healing therapy than Marcela Arrieta's ritual kits, which we can also use without healing therapies and whenever we want.

Through their essences, these rituals will allow us to clear our mind and spirit, as well to connect with our inner energy to achieve the balance that we strongly desire at the moment.

All of Marcela's rituals are highly recommended, but one that may be very significant nowadays is the Divine Oneness Ritual, which will allow you to connect with your divine energy, and will fill you with intuition, clarity, and the will to do good. You can learn more about this ritual at Divine Oneness Ritual

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