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Marcela Arrieta: Pranic healer helping to ease the anxiety in times of pandemic

Anxiety and stress in times of pandemic are one of the biggest problems we are currently facing and, through pranic healing, Marcela Arrieta has been a great help to people who want to mitigate or eradicate these emotions triggered by the crisis caused by the Covid-19.

Although it is true that Marcela is not curing people of Coronavirus, she is proving to be very useful so people can regain their balance and face the pandemic with the best possible attitude and health.

"We have to keep in mind that everything is energy, whether we see it or not," Arrieta said in an interview offered for Spectrum News; In which, she also indicated that "We’re swimming in this energy of all of this emotion, worry, anxiety, and whether we realize it or not, or don’t know where it’s coming from, we’re picking up this energy from other people.”

Arrieta is a very experienced pranic healer, who started in this practice with Master Stephen Co, a scholar and personal student of Grandmaster Choa Kok Su, founder of pranic healing therapy.

Stephen Co started on the path of pranic healing when he experimented a health crisis within his family after his wife suffered a hip fracture. Looking for a way to heal her, he found Grandmaster Kok Su, who taught him how to use energy to speed up the healing of his spouse. By experiencing firsthand the benefits of this technique, Co delve into his studies and became a Master.

Similarly to Stephen Co, Marcela Arrieta went through a personal crisis that filled her with pain and toxic feelings until pranic healing came into her life to change her and fill her with spiritual energy.

"Pranic Healing® came into my life to save me. I learned that the root of all my suffering was the toxic/dirty energy, which was blocking the flow of prana, vital energy to sustain the life we ​​all need because we are all made of it. This immediately caught my attention,” Arrieta said.

She indicated that with the guidance of Master Co she learned about the functioning of the energetic bodies, the existence of the Chakras and how to manipulate and project the prana to heal ourselves and others.

Pranic healing is a branch of alternative medicine that, although it may be controversial for some, more and more studies that defend its benefits are emerging. On this, Arrieta indicates that many people use it in combination with western medicine and that the faith that she has for it comes from her personal experience and the benefits that have brought for her.

In three months time of practicing the pranic breathing and self-healing and other forms and the meditation on twin hearts I was able to rid myself of years worth of migraines, of years worth of panic attacks,” Arrieta said to Spectrum news.

You can see the interview of Marcela Arrieta for Spectrum news at Pranic Healer

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